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Fishing fish fishing gear selection and fishing methods

 Herring is also known as black, is the fish in the bottom of life. Is generally not in the bottom of the river in the upper. The growth of herring is very fast, usually the growth of small fish to the end of the year will grow to 2 pounds or even greater. The herring of the herring is not as active as the grass carp, but it is much more powerful than the grass carp. When the fishing friends captured the large green fish, when often can experience the fun of people and fish contest. When the herring struggling to break free, swim, the fisherman on the shore tightly holding the big curved bow-like fishing rod, fishing line suddenly left and right, swaying fisherman had to follow the big fish running, next to the fishing friends always ready To help out, wait until the herring was strolled turned weak, had to let the fisherman pull it on the shore, so that the scene so that everyone is excited. Taiwan's fishing friends actually like fishing for fish because it is more than fishing tilapia and crucian carp together to enjoy.